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Use Case: Non Profit Organizations

Lets explore how Matthijssen NYC can help deliver results for your business.

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Client background:

A large, 100+ year old NYC based not-for-profit organization, focused on education and community outreach had been investing in technology with the understanding that it would lower operating costs so that they could put the funds to better use while continuing to serve more neighborhoods from their 30+ locations across the city. Read below to see how we helped them optimize business outcomes, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Unified Communications and Automated processes
  • Implemented track and trace to combat Covid

Client Pain Points

Phone Service: The client had been expanding locations at a brisk pace, however as each new location was added, they selected a different phone service provider like Time Warner or Verizon, leading to multiple invoices from vendors, higher costs, inability to transfer calls between locations, and were saddled with overall inefficient and cumbersome processes.

Manual HR Processes: with the multi location expansion, the client had a form-based hiring process that required multiple approvals and signatures from site directors to HR to executive directors for over a 1,000 employees. Given the large volume of new hires especially during summer months to tackle the registrations for its programs, the client was looking for a better way to manage the new hire and onboarding process, which had become highly manual, error prone and multi-step process.

Covid combat: The client needed to put in place a system that enabled it to safely operate during the pandemic, especially since they catered to a large cross section of the community, which needed their services.

The Matthijssen Approach

Matthijssen NYC approached this scenario by doing their due diligence with all the contacts within the organization and uncovering their needs and pain points. By speaking with the end users directly, they were able to present a solution that we had a high level of confidence in, to meet our requirements.

Proposed Solutions

VoIP Service

Switching over to VoIP from the prior setup, helped the client streamline communications as well as provided them with increased functionality. Voip has enabled the client to have more flexibility across locations, as they can now log in or log off to their own extension from any location or device. Further, Matthjissen set up ‘Zoom Rooms’ at various locations to enable video conferencing with over 100 participants, which has become especially valuable during the pandemic. All consolidated into a single unified communications hub.

Document management and process automation

To help the client solve the growing pain of manual, error prone HR processes, Matthijssen recommended a customized document management solution, which helped automate a large part of these processes. The client was able to transform the multi step, paper intensive process – print, fill, scan, email, signature, approval, posting – which normally took days, and required 5+ signatures, to a digital process where documents were digitally hosted, forms signed online on any device, and esignatures provided for approval across the chain.

Covid Combat

Matthijssen provided the client with Thermal Scanners and created a health screening form for employees, visitors and students. This helped the client safe guard their offices against admitting a person with a high temperature or other symptoms onto its facilities. If a person is detected with a high temperature, the thermal scanners automatically email their document management system which kicks off a workflow and a task for HR, where within minutes, they can identify when that employee or guest was in the office last, and immediately notify people they might have been in contact with to go get tested or quarantine themselves.

Customer Benefits

Saved $30,000+ annually just by switching to Matthijssen’s VoIP solution

By consolidating communications operations across 30+ locations, the client was able to increase flexibility of staff and not be tethered to a particular location, while also significantly reducing costs. “Every dollar saved on operations, is a dollar that can be used for good. We were able to divert our cost savings to youth programs and continue to increase our impact in the community”.

Saved a combined 1500+ hours for HR and Program Directors

With a digital hiring and onboarding solution, the client was able to streamline manual and time consuming HR operations, while providing more flexibility and speeding up the process. Having experienced the value in digitizing processes, the client is looking to expand its use of the document management and automation solution to other areas including Administration, Finance and across HR.

Covid related track and trace capability

Matthijssen helped the client create health assessment forms in their document management system, which sent these forms to all employees, vendors and students on a daily basis to maintain ongoing checks. Matthijssen also integrated its document management solution with the thermal scanner, so that now they were able to proactively identify someone with a temperature, notify HR and Program Directors, and then with the records in the database, were able to track and trace whom that person may have come in contact with within their community.

"Matthijssen was the only vendor that visited all the 30+ sites, spoke to all the managers, and reviewed all the devices and their usage, in order to give me a solution tailored to my needs. None of the other vendors did this. This showed me that Matthijssen is a company that truly cares about the success of their clients, so much so, that I consider them a partner in the growth of my organization, rather than just a vendor".

Bottom Line

The client achieved significant benefits by consolidating communications operations across over 30 locations. This consolidation provided greater flexibility for staff members, allowing them to work from various locations and reducing operational costs. The cost savings were redirected towards youth programs, further enhancing the client’s community impact. Additionally, the client implemented a digital hiring and onboarding solution that streamlined manual HR processes, saving time and increasing flexibility. Impressed by the positive outcomes of digitization, the client plans to extend the use of the document management and automation solution to other areas such as Administration, Finance, and HR.

Matthijssen, a service provider, played a crucial role in this transformation by creating health assessment forms in the document management system. These forms were distributed daily to all employees, vendors, and students to ensure ongoing health checks. Furthermore, Matthijssen integrated the document management solution with a thermal scanner, enabling proactive identification of individuals with elevated temperatures. This information was then used to notify HR and Program Directors and track potential contacts within the community.

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