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How we helped a large not for profit solve their Mobility Print challenge

In the past two years, the world has encountered so much change that has affected everyone and impacted the way we work and live.

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The client

One of the trends that we notice in the printing arena, is that there is increasing demand for driver-less printing and mobility print. A client recently approached us to help their employees be more productive by giving them the ability to print from their personal devices to the equipment securely, without the need to involve IT support to install any print drivers.


We recommended PaperCut, the #1 print management software in the world. PaperCut is a software that helps organizations apply print policies enterprise wide, solve mobile and BYOD print challenges, provide secure print release and also monitor and report on usage. Mobility Print by PaperCut was designed specifically for IT administrators and end-users that have a hybrid and mobile workforce, and a BYOD policy. It simplifies the process for bring your own device and an end user can print to any networked device without reaching out to IT for print driver installs.


Instead of installing drivers on each device, PaperCut is installed on the server and once mobility print is activated, it’s printing on the fly. When a new device comes on the network, the end user can go to a browser on their device and type in a secure web address which will take them to their organizations PaperCut website. They will be prompted to select the type of device (android or iOS) and follow device specific instructions to download an App from the app store. This takes them to authenticate using a company provided username and password. PaperCut now stores this in cache, so you don’t have to enter this every time you bring your device onto the network. Just print and go to any of your networked devices to release via print code. Remote workers can even send prints to office from their home and release at the device when they are in the office.

It was the perfect solution for what this client was looking for, as their business is based across multiple sites with different people and guests coming in and out daily. Any unclaimed print jobs are automatically deleted after 72 hours, saving the company paper and toner resources. Further it brings awareness to the employee of the cost of printing, as they now see how much each print job costs before printing.  The company has been using PaperCut for a little over two months now and are extremely happy with the results. Their users are able to print from any device without any issues and Secure Print Release has given them piece of mind, knowing that their documents are always in the right hands and are safe. Overall, we were able to provide our client with a solution that has made their lives easier, and helped save time, money and resources.

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