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Use Case: Logistics

Lets explore how Matthijssen NYC can help deliver results for your business.

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Client Background

Client background: A global logistics, security and special operations provider with multiple locations across the US, and across the globe, was looking for a way to streamline some critical business processes, in order to better compete with the big players in the industry, and grow market share. Read below to see how we helped them optimize business outcomes, including:

  • Digitized Key Processes
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Competitive Positioning

Client Pain Points

Print: the client was not happy with their current vendor, largely due to the quality of service which was being delivered. The IT manager found himself, or someone from his team having to scramble to visit the vendors store, anytime they needed a small part or needed a toner refill. This distracted the IT team from their core responsibilities, and overall, was not a conducive experience. Further, they needed a solution to better manage their fleet of print devices, across locations, which the prior vendor had not provided.

Document management: being in the logistics industry, the client had to deal with thousands of PoDs (Proof of delivery) everyday, which was an intensely manual and time consuming process. In order to be competitive with the larger players in the industry, they needed a way to expedite the process , and most importantly ensure paper and digital interact seamlessly.

VoIP: The client had VoIP service through another provider, however was not happy with the service, functionality and the price.

The Matthijssen Approach

Aligned with the Matthijssen ethos, the team made it a point to get to know the clients business intimately. Using their consultative approach, coupled with their focus on the people, and creating efficient and easy user experiences, helped them stand out among the two other vendors in consideration and secure the deal.

Proposed Solutions

Managed Print Solutions

The Matthijssen team provided new Kyocera devices and monitored them using Kyocera Fleet Services across the clients 15+ US locations, providing them a unified managed print service, saving the IT team time and effort, which could now be used for more efficiently. Further “the service removed the need for the IT team to scramble for toners due to Matthijssen’s intelligent predictive maintenance, which kept the systems humming, proactively. You only have so many hours in a day, printing should take care of itself”.

Document management and process automation

The client had been looking for a document management and process automation solution for a while, given their bulk document scanning requirements, which was at the time an extremely manual, time intensive process, in dire need of automation. When the client brought it up with Matthijssen, the team, conducted an extensive needs assessment, to identify the right solution for the client. In fact, the Matthijssen team worked alongside the IT Director and the vendor to ensure that the clients business requirements were being translated into feature requirements, and being smoothly implemented by the vendor.

VoIP Service

Switching over to a reliable VoIP service proved to be a boon during Covid, as employees were able to take home their deskphones, and connect them to the network seamlessly, as they worked from home, yet were able to maintain their office extension rather than have to use their cell phones. Further, removing the wiring of PBXs from the IT room enabled the IT team to repurpose that space and build more redundancy, hence fortifying the IT infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

Saved 10,000+ labor hours annually for the IT team

The PoD automation solution, which integrated the print and digital solutions seamlessly, enabled the IT team to save the equivalent of 2 full time employees annually, which were diverted to more productive initiatives.

Improved competitive positioning and user experience

With a digital PoD solution, the client was able to better compete with the biggest players in the industry, and significantly improve the customer experience as they could now provide online package tracking as well as proof of delivery. This had a direct impact on the bottom line, as the client was now able to attract business from larger retailers, which they had not been able to before.

Superior Service, provides peace of mind

In the IT directors words “You don’t necessarily buy the product, you buy the service. That makes all the difference and is the biggest differentiator in working with Matthijssen. They always seem to have the right parts available in the area, and a majority of the issues are resolved on the same day. In the odd case that it won’t be resolved the same day, they maintain transparency, and make sure I know by when it will be resolved.”

“What I liked best about the Matthijssen team was that they are technical. They are not your stereotypical sales people pushing products. They are technical to the extent that they knew what I was talking about, even when the conversations got technical, which assured me that they are the right partner to do business with".

Bottom Line

Firstly, they provided an efficient Managed Print Solution by deploying Kyocera devices across the client’s 15+ locations in the US. Utilizing Kyocera Fleet Services for monitoring, this unified managed print service streamlined operations, saving the IT team valuable time and effort. Additionally, the intelligent predictive maintenance offered by Matthijssen eliminated the need for the IT team to constantly manage toner supplies, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. This approach not only improved efficiency but also ensured that printing operations ran smoothly with minimal intervention. Secondly, Matthijssen assisted the client in automating their document management and processes. Recognizing the need for efficiency in handling bulk document scanning, Matthijssen conducted a thorough needs assessment to identify the ideal solution. The team collaborated closely with the client’s IT Director and the vendor to ensure that business requirements were translated into effective feature requirements and seamlessly implemented. This automation significantly reduced the manual, time-intensive processes previously in place.

Additionally, Matthijssen played a crucial role in helping the client transition to a reliable VoIP service. This transition proved to be invaluable during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing employees to take their desk phones home and connect them to the network effortlessly while maintaining their office extensions. Furthermore, removing PBX wiring from the IT room created opportunities for space repurposing and enhanced IT infrastructure redundancy, strengthening the overall IT setup.

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