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Use Case: Healthcare

Lets explore how Matthijssen NYC can help deliver results for your business.

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Client Background

A large multi location healthcare and benefits provider, with locations across New York City, had experienced tremendous growth, both in terms of location expansion as well as plan members and employees. However as they grew, the burden of managing network infrastructure and equipment grew with it. Read below to see how we helped them optimize business outcomes, including:

  • Reducing costs associated with print
  • All inclusive maintenance and support
  • HIPAA compliance with RightFax
  • Digitized and automated processes for AP

Client Pain Points

Print: as a result of having multiple different model and printers across different locations without active management, the IT director found that his team was spending a large amount of time on printer management, rather than on their core IT responsibilities. This was time consuming and costly for the business. They needed a solution that would help them manage their fleet of printers, while alleviating the service and maintenance responsibilities from the IT team.

Fax: being a healthcare provider, faxing had to be HIPAA compliant and the client was investigating solutions to integrate with their Shoretel phone system.

Document management: With over 800 vendors and thousands of invoices per month being sent for approval to over 50 different approvers, the client was in need of an automated solution that would help them manage this process better. They were experiencing a negative user experience with their own document management solution, which was adding to their workload instead of reducing it.

The Matthijssen Approach

The Matthijssen team activated their consultative approach to get a deep understanding of our business and our requirements - now and estimating what they would be in the future as well. They were not focused on only the print requirements, but truly got to know the people and the organization better.

Proposed Solutions

Managed Print

The Matthijssen team provided a worry free managed print solution (Kyocera), and implemented it with a white glove service, so that the client did not have to do much themselves. This saved the IT team a lot of time and headaches compared to past experiences. This solution worked so well for the client that over the years, as the old printers matured, the client decided to replace them via Matthijssen, growing the account from 1 printer to over 250+ today. Today all the devices are monitored by Kyocera Fleet Services, a cloud monitoring system that reports all toner orders and meters automatically, providing preventive maintenance capabilities.

Virtual Fax Service

Fax management was also proving to be a problem for the client, and as part of the ongoing relationship management process, Matthijssen recommended the Rightfax solution, which was very well received by the client, even by the higher level management teams. Rightfax integrated seamlessly with their Shoretel system and delivers all faxes securely to shared folders and email addresses. Moreover, the client was able to eliminate over 60 POTS lines, saving over $25,000 annually.

Document Management and Workflow

After extensive needs assessments, Matthijssen recommended a cloud ECM solution which fit their needs perfectly. They were able to digitize and standardize multiple workflows, which were previously manual and time consuming. All the while making documents accessible from anywhere. Today all vendor invoices are emailed to an email address, which automatically gets ingested into the software. Further, the invoices get routed automatically to the first approvers and their managers, and finally back to the accounting department for GL coding and recording into their accounting software.

Customer Benefits

Saved 200+ hours annually for the IT team

Managed Print solutions have freed up over 200 hours annually, of the IT teams time to focus on more value added work, core to managing the company’s growing IT systems.

Saved 15 Mins per patient, per visit

The Efax solution implementation has made the patient management process more automated, hence significantly improving the end user experience. By saving 15 mins per patient, and catering to tens of thousands of patients each year, the client experienced significant efficiency gains.

Saved 2200+ hours annually for invoice processing

The invoice automation capability provided by the document management solution has helped save the business over 2200+ hours annually. The process which took 1-2 hours of an approvers time each day, where sometimes this work was done after hours, is now completed in a few seconds, with a few clicks.

"The Matthijssen team adopted a consultative approach, to understand the business problems, and recommend solutions that were more in touch with what my needs were, rather than what products they had to sell. This truly differentiated them from the competition".

Bottom Line

First, they provided a seamless Managed Print Solution with Kyocera printers, offering a white glove service that alleviated the client’s IT team from much of the management burden. This approach not only saved considerable time but also eliminated previous challenges. The success of this solution prompted the client to expand their printer fleet through Matthijssen, growing their account from one to over 250 devices. All these printers are now efficiently monitored through Kyocera Fleet Services, a cloud-based system that automates toner orders and meter readings, enhancing preventive maintenance capabilities. Secondly, Matthijssen addressed the client’s fax management issues by recommending the Rightfax solution, which received high praise from both management and the client’s teams. This solution seamlessly integrated with the client’s Shoretel system, securely delivering faxes to designated folders and email addresses. Furthermore, it allowed the client to eliminate more than 60 costly POTS lines, resulting in substantial annual savings exceeding $25,000.

Lastly, Matthijssen’s expertise extended to document management and process automation. After conducting thorough assessments, they proposed a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution tailored to the client’s specific requirements. This solution streamlined and standardized numerous manual workflows, making documents accessible from anywhere. Vendor invoices are now effortlessly processed, with automatic ingestion upon receipt, routing to approvers, and final processing by the accounting department, including General Ledger coding and recording into the accounting software.

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